The Era of ‘Near Me’ Searches


Did you know that local and organic searches constitute a whopping 69% of your businesses’ digital traffic? With many users including the “near me” tag in their searches, the quest for nearby solutions is more prevalent than ever. These local searches not only drive the majority of traffic but also signal higher purchase intent among searchers, particularly when they add “near me” to their queries. The usage of these two simple words has surged in recent years as consumers increasingly prioritise convenience and local relevance.


“Near me” SEO plays a pivotal role in placing businesses in front of potential customers during the crucial decision phase of their purchasing journey. This strategy is especially vital for local businesses with physical locations that directly engage with their customers. Whether it’s Retail, Restaurants, Flower Shops, Hotels, Online Plants, Fitness Groups, Real Estate or service-based companies like Lawyers, Car Rental, Sports Physiotherapy, or Electricians all these businesses rely on connecting with nearby audiences to thrive.

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Local SEO Melbourne: Three Keys to ‘Near Me’ Search

Local SEO optimises your online presence to capture more ‘near me’ searches. Here are three key factors.

  • Relevance: Google assesses how closely a Business Profile aligns with a user’s search query. To enhance relevance, ensure your business information is complete, detailed, and accurate. Local SEO services can boost your business’s presence in local search results.
  • Distance: This factor evaluates the proximity of the search result to the location mentioned in the query. When users include “near me,” they don’t specify a particular location like a city or postcode. Search engines calculate distance based on available location data, attracting ready-to-purchase customers and improving conversion rates. Incorporating strategies from a “Guide to Google Maps Marketing” can further enhance how effectively your business targets local customers by optimizing for these search queries.
  • Prominence: This denotes the offline and online reputation of a business. Search engines consider various factors such as web links, articles, directories, review counts, and scores to gauge a business’s prominence. Paid search doesn’t influence local ranking, as emphasised by Google. This differentiation provides your business with a competitive edge in local searches and Local SEO in Melbourne.
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Local SEO Ranking Factors:

Your search ranking depends on a variety of local SEO factors, and they include:

  • Google My Business Listing
  • NAP Consistency
  • Citations Quality
  • Reviews Quality
  • Link Signals
  • Domain Authority
  • Search CTR
  • Keyword Optimisation

Keep Ahead in the Game with Our Local SEO process!

GMB Profile Optimisation

56% of local businesses have not claimed their listing on Google My Business! Creating a GMB profile (includes Google Maps) is the first step to local search success.

Boosting your performance in:

  • Descriptions & Categories
  • Location
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Attributes
on-page seo
on-page SEO

On-Page SEO Mastery

On-Page SEO boosts SERP ranks, speeds up your site, enhances mobile-friendliness, and retains visitors. 80% of top sites are mobile-optimised. Let’s make your site rank higher with the following factors!

  • Quality Page Content
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headers
  • Page Titles
  • URLs
  • Internal Links
  • Structured Data
  • Mobile-Friendly Design

Local Citation Building

Local citations boost your search authority and visibility, as search engine rankings favor businesses mentioned on reputable sites.

Boosting your performance with:

  • Reddit
  • And more
local citation building

Local Keyword Savvy

Over 50% of all “Near Me” searches lead to a local in-store purchase. We develop content with customer-centric, local keywords from keyword tools, directing local traffic to your business!

Boosting your performance in:

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headers
  • Page Titles
  • Special offering keywords
  • Buyer-focused
  • Reddit

Quality Backlink Reinforcement

High-quality link building accounts for 30% of your Google page score. Don’t overlook this crucial SEO statistic when considering website traffic optimisation.

We get backlinks from:


Pay Attention To Reputation

Businesses with online reviews are trusted by 73% of consumers. Earning numerous positive reviews can enhance your reputation and elevate your ROI..

We are working on:

Mobile-Friendly Website Optimisation

With Google started favouring mobile-friendly websites, having a website that is readable and navigable on mobile devices is important. Some mobile-first approach of Ecommerce SEO

, Website Design help your business build mobile-friendly websites that work absolutely on any device.



Local SEO Melbourne is crucial for growing your business, and at Verve Innovation, we specialize in enhancing your digital footprint through targeted local SEO services Melbourne. We’re dedicated to boosting your SEO traffic and positioning your business as the top choice for local searches. Trust us as the only local SEO agency Melbourne that guarantees qualified traffic and conversions. As local SEO experts Melbourne, we ensure your business profile on Google My Business is comprehensive and updated with precise categories and high-quality photos.

Our approach includes acquiring high-quality backlinks with geographically-rich anchor text to improve “near me” search rankings. We optimize your site’s URL structure, title, and meta tags, and ensure images are tagged accurately to enhance local visibility. Additionally, enhancing your website’s mobile responsiveness and loading speed further solidifies your presence in local searches, ensuring your business meets the modern demands of your customers.

  • Boosted online presence and higher local search rankings
  • Increased Google Maps visibility
  • Enhanced local brand recognition and customer loyalty
  • Strengthened online credibility and mobile discoverability
  • Superior ROI by outperforming local competitors

Team up with Verve Innovation for a custom local SEO strategy that outperforms your rivals. Using advanced techniques and tools, we aim to boost your site’s local search visibility, attract more customers, and gain a competitive edge. Enhance your local presence and discover new leads with our expertise.Please check our service areas, we provide service at Berwick, Springvale,Albert Park,Melbourne CBD and ohters. Call 1300 683 783 to accelerate your growth and success.


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Local SEO FAQs

Local SEO VS. Regular Website SEO

General SEO optimises websites for broad, non-location-specific keywords.

Local SEO targets location-based keywords to attract nearby customers.

Can You Get Google To Show Your Business Profile?

To show up in search results, add your business to the map and build authority. Start with a complete Google My Business profile and gather reviews to rank higher.

Why Be On The Local Map?

80% of local searches on mobile convert;

86% of customers use Google local search to find businesses;

46% of all Google searches are location-based;

Local Map SEO effectively converts local mobile searches into your business traffic.

Why Set Up Google My Business?

A complete Google My Business (GMB) profile boosts local SEO, prominently displays your business details on SERP, integrates with Google Maps, enables direct messaging, and showcases reviews, making it crucial for business visibility.

Who Needs Local SEO?

Local SEO boosts online visibility and attracts customers for businesses serving specific areas, making it a key strategy for those targeting local markets. We’ll explore which businesses benefit most from local SEO.

Can You Rank Outside Your Location?

To rank in various locations, add a ‘service areas’ section to your website with unique pages for each area. Use Google My Business, an interactive map, and mobile optimisation to improve your ranking in multiple cities.

Do You Need A Website For Local SEO Success?

If there’s little competition locally, a complete GMB profile can get you noticed. For more competitive areas, having a website with SEO is advisable.

How Long Does Local SEO Work?

The time it takes to see positive results varies based on factors like your business type, age, competition, past efforts, and whether you have a website or GMB page.

Is Content Key For Local SEO?

For local SEO success, include location-based keywords in your website’s content. High-quality, local-specific content boosts your visibility to nearby customers.

How Long To Use Local SEO Services?

SEO is a sustained marketing approach. The more extended the period you employ local SEO services, the greater the customer acquisition for your business.


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